Wayra friends, alumni and current start-up company founders have been recognised in two new lists by influential tech publication BusinessCloud.

In the lists, 101 Female Founders of Tech and 51 Tech 1sts, BusinessCloud notes tech is ‘no longer male, pale and stale’. We’re thrilled that each contains several connections to Wayra UK.

The 101 Female Founders of Tech list includes:

• Olga Egorsheva, founder of Wayra alum Lobster, a media-tech marketplace

• Bindi Karia, noted as a ‘super connector’, is a friend and mentor for our start-ups

• Madhuban Kumar, CEO of Metafused, a current cohort member that utilises AI to make financial predictions

• Priya Lakhani, who founded alum CENTURY Tech, which utilises AI to help students and teachers to learn

• Melinda Nicci, founder of the go-to app for expectant mothers, Baby2Body

• Elena Sinel, a friend of Wayra, gets young people interested and involved in tech with her company Acorn Aspirations

The number of connections with Wayra shows the success of our efforts to encourage female entrepreneurship. Of all companies accelerated by Wayra UK within the past two years, 45% have had at least one female founder.

The second BusinessCloud list, 51 Tech 1sts looks to the people who were first to market. Wayra connections include:

• RazorSecure, a current GCHQ Cyber Accelerator cohort member, which uses AI to predict anomalies in transport systems and keep people safe

• PlayrCart, from our London programme, which allows buyable content to be available through videos

• DriverNet, a current member of our Intelligent Mobility Accelerator, brings ‘logistics into the 21st century’ with its innovative use of technology to fast-track deliveries through pinpoint navigations and reduce emissions

Congratulations to all involved!

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