November 1, 2017


Wayra UK is bringing its start-ups together to share best practice on cyber issues.

As part of Telefónica Open Future_’s Focus Week on cyber security, Wayra brought nine start-ups from our GCHQ Cyber Accelerator in Cheltenham to the London academy for the day, enabling our 2017 cohort – and staff from Telefónica and Wayra UK – to better understand tricky security problems like data handling. phishing and coping with GDPR legislation.

Poppy Dowell, GCHQ Cyber Accelerator programme manager, said: “Our start-ups in the GCHQ programme have a huge amount of expertise in specific security issues, and it makes total sense to enable them to share these with the other start-ups we are accelerating across the UK.

“Cyber security is something that affects every company, and it is great that Telefónica Open Future_ is using its Focus Week to highlight these issues on a global scale.”

Telefónica Open Future_ spaces and academies in Europe and Latin America are holding events relating to cyber security from Oct 30 to Nov 3. The complete schedule of activities is available at:

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