December 8, 2017


In this guest post, Mutaz Qubbaj, CEO of Wayra alum Squirrel, draws your attention to the company’s current crowdfunding, which is about to smash its target…!

It has been 40 months since I set out and launched Squirrel…

Since then we have come a long way towards giving the UK control over its money. From chats and calls with customers, and exciting reviews, I can see that Squirrel really has fulfilled my dream of changing lives across the UK.

Whether that’s by helping customers have money left at the end of the month for the first time in their lives, or helping someone start their first savings habit, all the way through to those who’ve gone on to use Squirrel to save to buy a home or get married; and even one customer who went from having no money left each month to taking 5 holidays in one year with spare cash they never knew they had!! It really has blown my mind what it’s possible to achieve.

In just 40 months:

• Over 16,000 customers have used Squirrel to manage their finances…

• And deposited over £10m – with more than £1m of new deposits processed by Squirrel every month!

• Customers have saved over £2m towards their savings goals – saving at 10X the national savings rate!

• Squirrel was declared the UK’s number 1 saving platform by the Fair Banking Foundation earlier this year – that’s ahead of high street banks such as NatWest, Santander and Barclays!

• And many major newspapers highly recommended us, such as The Sun listing Squirrel as its app of the week, and The Times listing us as a top app to save for a home.

40 months on, I’m delighted to announce that Squirrel has launched our crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube – and we blazed through to 94% of our target in 3 weeks!

So if any members of the Wayra community would like to invest, now’s the time! Anything from £10 – £100k would be greatly appreciated, and you could own as few or as many shares in Squirrel and its future success as you like.

Simply visit: to invest (The CrowdCube platform is great – it makes it as simple as purchasing a book on Amazon!).

Thanks again,

Mutaz Qubbaj

CEO, Squirrel

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