March 10, 2017


On October 18, Wayra UK is to host the NACUE’s Varsity Pitch Competition Semi-Finals, a high-profile event that celebrates the best businesses emerging from British colleges and universities.

NACUE – The National College of College & University Entrepreneurs – has partnered with Tata  to find and fuel fantastic ideas from young people. And of course, there is no better place to house a business pitching competition than our Air Street HQ!

Those applying can practice their pitching skills, gain feedback for ideas and get their idea in front of the people that matter. The winner takes home £10,000 equity free cash, a national title and marketing opportunities.

The competition is open to any current students at a UK university or college, or anyone who graduated after 2012. Enter your video at for your chance to win!

The deadline for entries is October 3.

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